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Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 6/7
Glasgow Day 1
Getting to the airport and clearing through security on Saturday evening  was uneventful. The flight was about 30 minutes late departing but we still landed in Glasgow about 8:30 a.m. It was a comfortable flight and I slept on and off through the night. Cleared customs quickly and only waited about minutes more for my luggage. I decided to treat myself to a taxi ride in to my hotel which is Amadeus Guest House on North Woodside Rd.

This is my room

My Hotel

The hotel is on a small quiet dead end street close to Great Western Road one of the main thoroughfares in the city. I thought I had stayed in small rooms before in Venice and Room but this was by far the smallest. If I spread my arms out there would be six inches on either side. You can see with the small amount of luggage I had how close it is. The bathroom is a shared facility. Both it and the room were very clean and tidy and I will fit in comfortably.

I had prearranged to leave my luggage at the hotel upon arrival because the room wouldn't be ready until about 2 p.m. This proved to be a great idea as my back was a little sore. I walked down Great Western Road and got oriented. I stopped for a croissant and a cappuccino at a lovely little place called Cottonrake Bakery. I was able to relax and write a bit in my journal.
My Bakery

Altogether I walked for about 3 hours. I went to the Botanical Gardens but because there was a heavy mist (the only one I felt all day) I stayed in one of the glasshouses that had a craft exhibition on. Not a lot for me to see there so I went outside and walked along Byres Street which they were just starting to close off for the street festival. This is comprised of a large number of food and drink venues with no cars.

 I continued to walk until I came to the Hunterian Museum, part of University of Glasgow. This was created by William Hunter who was renowned for his skill in early developments of medical science. They also contain the largest collection of Roman funerary and commemorative plaques from the Antonine Wall which was created by Anthony after Hadrian's Wall. It was successful as a defence structure for about 100 years but then as it became more difficult to defend that region the Romans pulled back to Hadrian's Wall.

Antonine Wall Display
Commemorative Tablet

About 1:30 I went back to the hotel and waited while my room was given it's final touches. I discovered my electrical converter was not working and suspect it has a blown fuse so will try and get that corrected tomorrow. Fortunately my laptop is fully charged and I can charge my phone from it. Who knew! I had bought a 4 pack of beer and after having a couple, laid down for a good nap. Thankfully I had set my alarm and was up and out on the street again at 3:30. I walked up Great Western to Byres where the parade had just finished but the hordes of people were everywhere. There were several buskers doing their routine drawing large crowds.

Byres Street

I had to ask several people but finally my quest for haggis on my first day in Scotland was satisfied. This was a traditional dish with neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes). It was at Bothy's Restaurant down a small side alley and was delicious. It was washed down with a pint of Best Lager from Caledonian Brewery a local one. I was very satisfied with it and I asked the waitress if I could buy a clean glass from the brewery. She gave a wink and came back with one I could take with me.

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

This proved very helpful as I bought some fruit on the way home and it served as a container.

The waitress said I was very Scottish and all eating haggis and wearing my tweed so I thought I would add one more photo.
Tweedy Brian


  1. I LOVE all the photos! Looks like a great day 1! I notice you liked the beer but didn't comment on the haggis...

    Hope it continues as well as it started. Love the photo of you...too bad you don't have a selfie stick ;)

  2. I should have said that the haggis was excellent. Phil would have enjoyed it. Tell Dean he should keep that selfie stick handy in case I need it.

  3. This is great - I feel like I'm walking with you (without getting tired!).

  4. I am interested to see parts unknown.