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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 20 Saturday Leaving Maryport going to Glasgow

Up at 6:20, finished packing and had a cup of tea. Then off to the bus stop a few minutes down the road to check what time the bus goes to Maryport. Scheduled for 7:45 so at 7:30 I left in a light drizzle for the bus stop. It arrived at 7:50 and the ticket to Maryport was 3.80 pounds. I was glad I kept my raincoat out because when I got off in Maryport it was raining a little harder. Bought a ticket to Carlisle for 7.80 pounds and the train leaves in 30 minutes at 8:42. It came on time and I read a book until it arrived in Carlisle at 9:15. There I bought a ticket to Glasgow for 23.90 pounds and waited for about 45 minutes for the train to arrive. It is running a little late due to a strike further back on the line. This is a direct Virgin train with no stops so that makes for a good ride. I had bought a bacon sandwich and a cake at the station and with my apple and usual cheese I had a late breakfast enroute. I was able to connect to the internet too so got caught up a little with my emails.

Arrived in Glasgow Central Station at 12:00 and caught a shuttle to the airport just up the street for 6.50 pounds. I am still quite optimistic at this point. The airport was quite busy when I got there about 20 minutes later but I was able to find the liaison company for Westjet called Menzies. They were super friendly but advised me that the flight for Sunday was oversubscribed and that the earliest I could get out was on Wednesday. Talk about being gob-smacked! (you don't get to use that word very often but it was totally applicable in this case). I did have the option of taking a flight from Dublin, Ireland to Halifax on the 22 but that would have meant me finding my own way there (because doesn't fly between destinations) probably costing $400 and the difference in my flight home was $126. I didn't like the Irish option because there were too many variables including a stopover in. St John's so I changed my ticket to fly out on Wednesday. They actually refunded me $36.

I had a half hour of internet service compliments of Glasgow airport so I started searching for a place to stay. Tried my original Guest House, Amadeus but they were full. I wanted to be in that area because there is so much to do. Staying near the airport was not attractive for that number of days. After calling a few places, remember I had cell phone coverage thanks to Kyle and Jenn (phone) and Julie (Father's Day cash), I was able to find lodging for 4 nights at Kelvin Hotel Guest House. It is at 15 Buckingham Terrace right on Great Western Road. It would have been a 10 minute walk at most from Amadeus House and is right next door to all the shops on Byres Road. A perfect location for sure. I took the shuttle back into the city and was able to catch a transfer on the 6A right to my door. I checked in shortly after 2:00 and was shown to my room on the first floor (not the ground floor).

This must have been a grand home in its day.

 It has nice decorative mouldings, a large staircase and big windows. The dining room is right next to my room and the gust lounge is just down the hall.
My room has a double bed, wardrobe and a few drawers. There is a sink in the room.

I watched some TV and was quite tired after all the travel back and forth and making all these arrangements. At least I don't have to relocate for 4 days. I called Carol and she and Jenn had just had a great day together doing Mother/ Daughter things. She was very understanding and encouraged me to explore. My first trip was to a grocery called Waitrose where I picked up some fruit, cheese, rolls, sliced ham, olives and wait for it, beer. (Actually a couple of ales). I didn't feel like going out to supper, it's not as much fun on your own all the time, so this will make a good meal for a few days.

Back to the hotel and got some butter from the dining room and made a nice sandwich which I ate with my cheese, olives and beer. Not too bad. The hotel also allows me to put my cheese and ham in the fridge. No need to refrigerate the ale.

There were several brochures in the guest lounge from tour companies so I booked one to Oban with Discover Scotland Tours for Monday for 38 pounds. Watched some mystery shows on TV and was off to bed at 11:30.


  1. I don't know about you, but I'm much happier that you are in a nicer hotel/B&B! It looks lovely! Can't wait to hear about your tour. :)

  2. Now this place looks nice! I'm gob-smacked that you would...nah...I can't use it in a sentence like you can ;) Enjoy your touring around!