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Monday, June 22, 2015

June 19 Day 6 Maryport

Up at 6:30, left for breakfast at the cottages at 7. Off to the site with John. Tony gave us an explanation about the trench beyond the hedge to the east of our site. Looks promising with several ditch like features.

Then we continued work on our feature. In this case Antonio from Spain worked with me. We continued to remove a little more topsoil down to the original soil. We now have a trench with a post hole beside it but not intersecting. We took pictures of it from both north and south views before lunch. After lunch we used the string that we had placed at each end on either side of the feature and graphed it in by using the elevation from both the top and the bottom. This would like like a drawing of it in profile. We used the surveying equipment to determine the elevation of the feature as well. We are now totally finished with this feature such as it is.

At the end of the day Tony updated us on the ditches and what looks like a cobble stone plaza which both would have reached the old Temple at Maryport. It is felt that the cobblestone plaza would have been used to display the Roman altars to their gods, mainly Jupiter. All this was found within a week and they still have 7 weeks to go. Hope they find more.

These don't look like much in this photo but are pretty impressive in real life.

Back to the hotel and am not able to contact Westjet to change my flight. Long story short there was a glitch in their system when I originally booked my flight so my booking did not show up on my profile and therefore I was unable to make the changes on-line. So I think the easiest thing to do is to go to Glasgow tomorrow and go right to the airport to make the arrangements. I would have to stay overnight on Saturday and fly out the next morning. There are lots of trains going to Glasgow from Maryport and I should be able to take a taxi or bus to Maryport.

So with that looked after (or so I thought) I joined the 5 team members who came down to the Ship for a drink. David, Elliott, Sam, Amy and Skylar were there and we all ordered supper. I had a pretty good steak and ale pie. Also a couple of beer, Yates Bitter and Sun Goddess. Tony and |Antonio showed up after supper and we all joined in on a 4 on 4 game of billiards. Our team won 3 out of 4.

We all headed for bed at 10:30. I am all packed and ready to go in the morning. I read part of anew Jeffrey Archer book before going off to sleep. I had paid my bill and it came to 192 pounds including two suppers.

I had taken a photo of a plaque outside the Ship Hotel which may give it a little more status. Apparently Charles Dickens stayed there on Sept 8. It does not say that he booked in for a subsequent night however.

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  1. I love it "It does not say that he booked in for a subsequent night however." You always keep me entertained!